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Review: Jemma Kidd Make-Up Secrets

I've never really been one for reading make-up books, often preferring to opt for the seldom successful 'try it and see' method.  Yes, my reasoning defies all logic.  Following over 3 years of blogging, I thought I had seen every tutorial and heard every tip or piece of advice.  However, I was recently sent the Jemma Kidd Make-Up Secrets book to review and I was pleasantly surprised to be proved wrong.

Jemma Kidd teamed up with skincare guru, Sarah Chapman and nutritionist, Petronella Ravenshear to create a fully comprehensive guide on all things beauty.  The hardback glossy book is split into two parts:

Part 1 - Making make-up work for you
Part 2 - Problem Solver

Part one of the book concentrates on making the most of your favourite features, creating the perfect base with in-depth skincare advice and choosing the right products for your skin type and colouring.  There were many aspects in this part of the book that I found both engaging and interesting.  For example, the guide on how to professionally contour/highlight your face, top ten pro tips and examples of how to make the most of your eye shape.  It's always great to learn ways of making a smokey eye work on my deep set eyes!

The book has loads of tricks and tips which I have never heard of before and that's some feat for a girl who has been reading magazines since she was 12! The brows section was also very helpful and informative, giving precise guidance on how to shape your brows - something which I only learned to do properly when I was 22!

There's also an indepth section on smokey eyes, showing you step-by-step how to achieve a smokey eye with real depth and intensity.  I particularly enjoyed the piece on how to make the most of your lip shape by shaping them with liners.  Jemma takes you through her years of experience without even an ounce of patronisation, providing pointers for the amateur and more seasoned beauty junkie.

There's a section on the most wearable lip shades for your colouring, pin pointing which products to pair with your lip colour choice and a guide to fashion make up.  You can also pick your favourite timeless diva; Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn, Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly and Sophia Loren and recreate their iconic make up looks.

Part two of the book concentrates on problem solving from maintaining radiant skin, nutritional advice, dispelling fact from fiction, product recommendations and beauty first aid.  The book also contains a section on how to get a more youthful look if you are a more mature lady, showing professional techniques to roll back the years.

I loved the section on hot weather and cold weather make up tackling all the problems related to both, ensuring your make up stays flawless despite the environment you are in.  Nearing the end of the book, you come to 5 minute make-up tutorials for lunch with the girls, work, a date and a party.  Quick fixes for any occasion and easy to follow advice makes for a handy do-it-all set of tutorials.

Lastly, Jemma lists all of her favourite products under every conceivable category, many of which are already my favourite products.

Here's a short video from the lady herself giving a short synopsis on what you can expect from Jemma Kidd Make-Up Secrets:

I can honestly say that from the moment I received this book, I couldn't put it down. You can really get into the indepth advice about skincare (I did with a comfy couch, blanket and a cuppa) but also flick through for quick tutorials making it a very versatile read.  I genuinely learnt a few new tricks and picked up some tips when it comes to making the most of what I have naturally.

This would be an amazing Christmas gift for your mum, sister or friend whether they are beauty product obsessed or don't have a clue where to start.  The books transcends skill levels and explains everything from the ground up so everyone can learn something new.

It's colourful, has beautiful images, contains concise advice on every topic imaginable and I will definitely be buying a couple of copies to give to some lovely ladies in my life!  The recommended retail price is £25.00 but you can get it for just £14.25 from here.

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